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909 productions.

The society 909 productions
909 productions

909 productions.

The society 909 productions

Founded in 2001 and headed by Frédéric Joly, 909 Productions has been a subsidiary of the Lagardère Studios Group since 2011.

The company’s activity is structured around three strategic lines: Single-broadcast programming, documentaries and brand content.

Each year, 909 Productions works in collaboration with the major broadcasting groups to produce programs which are mainly developed in-house (Safari Go, La Grande Illusion, Voyages et Délices, etc.).

Over the last two seasons, 909 Productions has consolidated its position by acquiring formats adapted for the French market such as the documentary series "Naked and Afraid" (Retour à l’instinct primaire) and "Building Wild" (Constructions sauvages) for RMC Découverte.

909 has notably produced:

Single-broadcast programs: Safari GO (Gulli), Constructions sauvages (RMC Découverte), Retour à l'instinct primaire (RMCD) Las Vegas Academy (W9), La grande illusion (France 3) Voyages et délices (France O).

Documentaries: Déminers (RMC Découverte), La grande histoire du Canadair (RMC Découverte), La saga Michael Jackson (France 4), La saga Harry (France 4), Bête d’Acier, Le train d’Hitler (RMC Découverte), Caïds Story (Planète), Section scientifique (Planète).

Brand content: EDF, Longines, GCT, Crédit Agricole.